About us


Throughout his career as a photographer and art director, James has worked across the globe covering multiple genres. With over 25 years experience he has produced creative, cutting edge work for clients such as National Geographic, Fodors, PRH and the AA. His passion is delivering strong, dynamic and memorable content.

When his parents gave him a Kodak 177X Instamatic for his 7th birthday, they couldn’t have imagined it would spark a lifelong appetite for inspirational and emotive imagery. By 14 James had built his first darkroom with equipment from his Grandfather, himself a photographer, like his father before him. As an adult James fulfilled his dream of becoming a professional photographer. He has gone on to judge numerous competitions including Landscape Photographer of the Year and British Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

From shooting imagery on traditional and contemporary formats, to buying and commissioning it, James strives to go above and beyond. He is always friendly and approachable with the undeniable ability to put people at ease whatever the situation.


Whether writing and directing plays at school or reading the news to her parents from inside a cardboard TV, Tanya’s interest in media and the arts was clear from a tender age. At university she became the youngest person to serve on the committee of the Royal Television Society. A year after graduating she formed a production company and made a music video in Hollywood using chimpanzees instead of
band members.

Over the years Tanya specialised in coordination, working on shoots in Europe, North America and Asia. Clients have included the BBC, Discovery Channel, Walt Disney Company and Harrods. From commercials and documentaries to events and feature films, Tanya’s organisational skills and attention to detail have helped projects come in on time and on budget.

Now married to a reasonably decent photographer, Tanya works for the family business.
James admits his wife’s endless lists are infuriating but effective!